My Why (Part. 1) Being a Boss Mom

My Girls, Mother's Day 2018, Gruene Texas

I never in a million years, thought I would be a stay-at-home-mom! It's not something I dreamed about as a young adult. I've always been a hard worker, driven to grow. Hungry for more responsibility. I find satisfaction in my work and in being good at what I do. So when my husband and I sat down and decided it made more sense for us to pull our baby girl out of daycare, I was secretly crushed. I love being a mom but I also love being just an adult interacting with other adults, doing adult things, from 8-5. I liked working! I was just given the gift so many moms wish they had and I didn't really want it.

I had just decided to start Koral Design Studio, my own interior design business a few months before and I was working hard to get it off the ground. But it wasn't making much money and daycare was expensive! I needed a lot more time to generate leads and referrals. I needed a marketing plan and accounting software. I was fresh. How was I going to keep that going, and be a stay-at-home-mom? I kind of freaked out... undercover!

But I made up my mind, I was not giving up my business! I, and my business, were going to survive this little bump. It's just that now, my new business partner was a baby!!

So I gave us some time to experiment with schedules and routines, but I kept networking. Heck, going to play-dates counted for networking. I even started my own networking group for SAHM's who own businesses. I made friends with new adults that I could be an adult + little partner with during the day. I went to baby friendly coffee shops. We did story-time at the library. And I networked, and then networked some more.

And it finally started working, I started getting referrals, invited to more networking events and as a nice, little side effect, started making friends with some amazing, inspiring ladies. My business would not die. I could manage both!

I answered emails and worked on design projects and Facebook posts while my little partner napped. I even took on a whole other business as a Noonday Collection Independent Ambassador, you know, just for fun. Right?! And I joined more groups. I found an awesome drop-in babysitter so I could run appointments during the day and attend more networking events. Things started to work and so did the business.

So why do I do this? I do all this so I can keep doing what I love AND be there for my family. I'm available when my preteen has a school play in the middle of the morning. I'm available to play with my now toddler and make her feel secure and loved. I'm available to chat with my best friend and mastermind partner in the middle of the day. I'm available to manage the family finances and grocery shopping, my least favorite parts of the job. I'm busy as heck, but I'm available for a little self care from time to time too. And for once in my life I feel like "I got this!".... well most days!

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