Get a Head Start Going Zero Waste

Marleys Monsters Zero Waste On-the Go Kit

I promise to tell you about all (ok, most) of the cool products I find. This Zero Waste On-the-Go Kit, by Marleys Monsters is amazing!! I don't know about you, but I struggle to make progress in my plan to go zero waste. I tried to think of all my zero waste, sustainability goals at the beginning of the year but then I got busy with LIFE and forgot to write them down. It's extremely overwhelming. I don't know how often I'm out and a waiter gives me a straw. I've learned you have to actively tell them not to, but have not yet learned the habit of actually doing it. Baby steps, right? Well this kit is a great way to be prepared while you're out and about.

There is a solution for replacing disposable to-go containers, travel utensils with the cutest pouch, cloth wipes and unpaper towels in adorable randomized prints and more, packaged in a neat little bag with a checklist, you are bound to DO BETTER!

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