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I love everything home! Studying trends in design and construction, touring available homes, scouring Pinterest for ideas, I am always thinking about how to improve a home's appearance and value. As a Realtor® and interior designer, I have the unique qualifications to assist buyers in finding that almost perfect house, helping them to visualize the possibilities and implementing changes to turn it into a place they can be proud to call HOME.

“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.”- Hazrat Inayat Khan

As an Austin-based designer I have a passion for healthy and sustainable home design. I studied at The Art Institute of Houston, where I earned my degree in Interior Design. I launched Koral Design Studio in 2018. Prior to that, I worked as a lead buyer for the home improvement start-up, TreeHouse, where I expanded my knowledge of healthy, sustainable options for home interiors and construction. Continuing the mission of “The Healthy Home,” non-toxic furniture, zero-VOC finishes, and sustainable accessories are at the core of my work!


I am fortunate to be part of an industry that brings me happiness and allows me to use my creativity and experience to guide others in one of the biggest investments they will ever make. I have called Austin home since 2003 and know the intricacies of each community and neighborhood. Austin is where I met my wonderfully supportive husband and where my two beautiful daughters came into the world. We truly enjoy the Austin lifestyle of outdoor living, live music and plenty of activities for the kiddos!

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Elizabeth Star Young


Owner / Interior Designer / Realtor®


What defines healthy and sustainable interior design?



made with natural fabrics, with fillings free of harmful chemical and sustainable hardwood frames, built to last.

Certifications to look for: organic (GOTS or OCS), OEKO-TEX, Fair Trade, FSC, Made Safe


meaningful items collected over time and with care, found treasures from vacations or your favorite vintage/antique shops, handmade items that tell the unique story of you and your family or friends, but most of all things that bring you joy! 

Certifications to look for: Fair Trade, Made Safe, Handmade


made from engineered, reclaimed or rapidly renewable woods and grasses, like cork, bamboo and eucalyptus with no added urea formaldehyde or pesticides and non-toxic, zero-VOC finishes, or natural linoleum from linseed oil and wood dust, tiles made with a high % of recycled content.


Certifications to look for: NAUF, CARB2, Floor Score, FSC, SFI, GreenGuard Gold


built from sustainably harvested woods, with no added urea-formaldehyde or pesticides and coated with zero-VOC finishes.


Certifications to look for: FSC, Rainforest Alliance Certified, SFI, PEFC, Fair Trade


paints made with zero-VOCs in both the base and the tints, natural clay and lyme plasters that add life to the walls, natural fiber and recycled material (no PVC) wallpapers.

Certifications to look for: MPI, Declare, Greenguard, Cradle to Cradle, Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly


lamps, pendants, chandeliers and fans that are made responsibly or USA made and compatible with energy reducing LED bulbs in colors that provide minimal disruption to the circadian rhythm, color changing and smart controls are just added bonuses.

Certifications to look for: UL Ecologo, CEC, CE, RoHS, Energy Star, Fair Trade, US made


made with natural cotton, linen, wool or silk fabrics and natural cotton, wool or latex fillings.

Certifications to look for: organic (GOTS or OCS), OEKO-TEX, GreenGuard Gold, Fair Trade, Made Safe


woven from natural fibers, like wool, sisal, jute and cotton or recycled materials (sustainable but not necessarily healthy), made to resist stains without the use of chemicals.


Certifications to look for: Fair Trade, Good Weave, NSF/ANSI 140, CRI Green Label+, GreenGuard Gold, Cradle to Cradle


designed using sustainable cabinets, recycled glass or ceramic tiles, durable and stain resistant quartz countertops, water saving plumbing fixtures, US made or recycled material hardware (no chrome).


Certifications to look for: FSC, NAUF, CARB2, Greenguard, Water Sense

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